Every families situation is unique. Our goal is to listen to each family and determine how we can best help them and their student. We provide a range of educational advising services custom tailored to their individual needs and interests. To learn more, select one of the links below:

Private Day & Boarding School – learn about the different options from middle school through high school. We focus heavily on the students, their learning styles, specific skills and talents.

Post Graduate High School Year – learn about the benefits of a PG year at a private boarding school. Traditionally known to support boys, an increasing number of girls are taking advantage of this important program as well.

Gap Year – typically some students will take a gap year after graduating from high school and before attending college.

College – the admissions process is much more rigorous and competitive at this level, and our support becomes more intensive as well.

About Educational Consulting – explore more about what we do.

Fees – our services are customized to an individuals interests and needs. We work on an hourly or retainer basis. We also offer group plans.

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Please note: DOTS is an ethical independent educational consultant and is not affiliated with or paid by any school or college.

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