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DOTS Educational Consulting believes access to quality education should be a level playing field for everyone. We encourage an environment in which members of every community are valued and included. We believe that motivation and potential, not a zip code, should determine a child’s future. When more students have access to the very best educational opportunities…we as a country, and a world, all benefit.

The DOTS Outreach Program seeks to help talented, curious students in 7th through 10th grade, from low-income households and under-represented communities access the most elite secondary school educations in the world at absolutely no cost to the family. 

These are schools which were founded back in colonial times and have served as pipelines for the Ivy League colleges. They have produced some of our countries greatest presidents, top business leaders, and innovators. And today their students continue to matriculate to many of today’s top tier universities and colleges at a very high rate.

These private secondary schools provide millions of dollars in assistance annually in the form of outright grants for families with incomes under $75,000-$80,000. No loans, nothing to pay back. Most of them meet 100 percent of their admitted students’ demonstrated financial need (family income qualifications will vary slightly by school). And, for those families with slightly higher or even much higher incomes, the relative cost of attending one of these amazing schools…can cost upwards of $60,000 per year, but could still be minimal depending on one’s personal circumstances.

These schools are committed to making private school affordable for families from a wide range of socioeconomic backgrounds, and we will help you prepare for and navigate the challenges of their competitive admissions process. We will celebrate your achievements with you as you work toward college and career goals. 

Again, we encourage families of highly motivated and gifted students who are open to  this educational path to reach out to us with questions about these transformational opportunities.

We also invite schools, educators, community organizations, media outlets, corporations, foundations, as well as other supporters of quality education to assist us in identifying these exceptional students, so we may help change their lives and the world around them. 

Contact us at the following link if this sounds like you, or you can help us identify a great student who would benefit from this life changing opportunity.

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Because our Outreach Program is gratis much of our work relies on the generosity of donors. Please help if you can.


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