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Finding and selecting a right-fit school can be an arduous and frustrating task. It’s about more than the name on the diploma. Where a student attends college touches numerous aspects of his or her life, from academic studies to social activities and beyond. Considering the importance of this decision…prospective students should think carefully about where they decide to enroll when looking over their options.

The most important aspect of this over-all process…is starting it as early as possible. Particularly, if your hoping to attend a top tier university. This provides for a much more efficient and relaxed process for the entire family.

Here are 10 tips to consider in the college planning and selection process:

    1. Develop your short list
    2. Rank your priorities
    3. Don’t procrastinate
    4. Go back to schools
    5. Focus on your endgame
    6. Delve into departments
    7. Investigate job connections
    8. Compare financial aid awards
    9. Compromise
    10. Move on from rejection

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