Far From Home: Demystifying The College Experience

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I’d like to share a recent story with you from KERA News in Dallas, which was penned by freelance education reporter, and San Antonian, Bekah McNeel. It is a good perspective of how colleges are trying to help first time students and their families cope with the fears and pressures associated with a college lifestyle, which for most students will assuredly be more challenging than the high school they attended. Bekah’s story features three young ladies from San Antonio who are attending school at Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, New York, the College of New Rochelle just outside of New York City, and Princeton University in New Jersey.

Regardless of how close or how far college is from home, I strongly recommend that when you are starting your college search…one of the first considerations you take into account is the student support services a school offers. Having strong support mechanisms on campus could make or break a student’s success in college.





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