Snooze You Lose! It’s Not Too Late to Still Stand Out To Colleges.

There’s still time to boost college applications. The next SAT and SAT Subject Tests happen on Saturday, December 1st. You will need to register by this coming Tuesday, November 20th. That’s only five days from now! This will be the last opportunity to take the SAT until March 9th.

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It’s a safe bet to say by March every college will have sent out rounds of admission notifications, and you will have missed the bus, train and plane getting into one of your top choice schools. Take action now if you feel you need to boost your SAT scores. Things are coming down to the wire. I can’t stress organization and staying on top of deadlines enough. Here in Texas we have this saying “Snooze you lose.”

If you still require assistance in your college selection and application process, or need help with crafting an outstanding essay, reach out to us below:


Wishing you all tremendous success!


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