‘Tis The Season!

No, it’s not that season yet! Then what season is it? It’s the Final Four, Super Bowl, Stanley Cup, World Cup, NBA Finals and World Series season all wrapped into one school application and interview mayhem season. It’s Fall Madness! It’s school admissions season! It’s also confusion, anxiety and frustration season for parents and students alike looking for the right fit schools. No matter the school type: College, Boarding, Parochial, Private Day, Pre-K, Charter School, etc., this is the time of year admissions cohorts live for. Admissions offices are busy little beehives this time of year just slightly calmer.

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So here’s a friendly reminder, you only have so much time left–check those deadlines–to craft an unforgettable college essay, take the SAT, ACT, SSAT, ISEE, TOEFL or HSPT required by your schools, take a campus tour and interview where demonstrated interest could possibly help. The sooner you can do these things and still meet deadlines, the sooner you will hear on your school decisions. In the case of Colleges and highly competitive secondary schools, if you receive a positive decision the better chance you have of being awarded highly competitive school scholarships, and/or generous financial aid packages. Which reminds me, the FAFSA application for Federal Student Aid opened on October 1st and each state has its own deadline. So again, can’t stress enough…check those deadlines. 

If you have questions, need help with essays, identifying right fit schools, or anything else that is confusing and frustrating you about your educational path, feel free to reach out to us below:

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